Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Training Camp Recap 8/01

Here's a recap of what went on during today's training camp sessions.

Observations from the Sun-Sentinel:
"- Green, who has been splitting first-team snaps with Cleo Lemon, has been the quarterback picked off the most in camp's first week.

- While the offense did have its moments, Wednesday's practice slightly favored the defense, which got to the quarterbacks on a number of occasions for what would have been sacks. Rookie guard Drew Mormino and tackle Anthony Alabi continued to hold onto the starting spots on the right side of the line, holding off Rex Hadnot and L.J. Shelton for the third straight day.

- Joey Porter had his best showing of the week, effectively pressuring the quarterbacks."
Observations from the Miami Herald:
"- Rodrique Wright, injured all of last year, has pretty much changed his body configuration. He's leaner, stronger, seemingly quicker than he was last year when he got only a few weeks of work following shoulder surgery.

- Rookie middle linebacker Kelvin Smith didn't look like much in the offseason camps. But he's been much better since the pads have gone on. The guy isn't fast or necessarily strong. But he's a hitter. He has a chance to make the team as a backup to Zach Thomas if he can show some of his instincts and hitting potential on special teams.

- Recently acquired TE Courtney Anderson is 6-6 and 270 pounds. He should be able to destroy people with his blocking, but I definitely haven't seen that. He looks like a better pass-catcher than blocker."
Observations from the Palm Beach Post:
"- Here’s the offensive line depth chart right now based on practice:
LT Vernon Carey, Julius Wilson
LG Chris Liwienski, Tala Esera
C Samson Satele, Johnathan Ingram, Dan Stevenson
RG Drew Mormino, Rex Hadnot, Stephen Parker
RT Anthony Alabi, L.J. Shelton, Mike Rosenthal

- RB Jesse Chatman has looked good so far.

- Alabi looks out of shape and slow, which he is after off-season surgery. He’s weeks away from being ready, which makes his and Mormino’s appearance on the first team more puzzling.

- You guys aren’t going to like this, but this is the absolute truth. So far in camp, the offense has been terrible. It’s as bad as last year’s camp performance, and that of 2004, when Fiedler and Feely were throwing ducks all over the place. I know the defense is very good, and that’s a big part of it, but, man, it’s really bad. They can’t run or throw with any consistency. Trust me, I’m telling you the truth."

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