Thursday, August 9, 2007

Training Camp Recap 8/09

Here's a recap of what went on during today's training camp sessions.

Observations from the Sun-Sentinel (1), (2), (3):
"- Rex Hadnot made his return to the first unit of the offensive line, playing right guard. He was joined by Vernon Carey, rookie Drew Mormino, rookie Samson Satele, and Anthony Alabi, left to right. L.J. Shelton, playing on the second team, shuffled from right to left tackle throughout the practice. Julius Wilson played the left tackle when Shelton was on the right, and Chris Liwienski was playing guard on the second team.

- WR Marty Booker missed his second straight practice with knee soreness.

- When the Dolphins used two tight ends, the duo was free agent signee David Martin and recent acquisition Courtney Anderson.

- Quarterback John Beck was shaky. He threw some wobbly passes.

- It appears Michael Lehan has locked down that nickel spot, holding off Jason Allen. I've honestly tried to evaluate Allen without attaching his first round pick status, and to be fair he doesn't get beat as much as guys like Mitchell. But he is usually invisible."
Observations from the Miami Herald:
"- Another tough day for cornerback Jason Allen. Sometimes, even when Allen seems to have coverage, he doesn't have coverage.

- Green worked with the second team most of the day while Cleo Lemon took first team snaps. Neither were terribly efficient.

- They look serious about having Reagan Mauia carry the ball more than usual for a modern NFL fullback. Cam Cameron said they would give Mauia, projected as a Pete Johnson-like wide-load fullback, a shot at tailback this Saturday. Thursday morning, Mauia carried the ball often in team drills."
Observations from the Palm Beach Post (1), (2), (3):
"- P Brandon Fields, a sixth-round draft pick, continues to prove a worthy successor to Donnie Jones. On Thursday, Fields and Ryan Flinn punted from the back of the end zone, and Fields outdistanced Flinn every time. Fields' kicks consistently went to midfield or beyond, while Flinn - who has bounced around different camps the past four years - had his punts die around the 40.

- QB Trent Green made his reputation by attacking defenses downfield. These days, Green seems to have lost something on passes over 25 yards. He remains accurate in the middle of the field and in the flats. But he seems to simply throw the ball in the direction of receivers on fly patterns and longer sideline routes.

- With Marty Booker riding a stationary bike during practice to rest his left knee, it was Ginn - not Derek Hagan - who took the reps with the first team.

Green makes this throws without any touch or trajectory.

- [Second team] Offensive line is Wilson, Liwienski, Ingram, Stevenson, Shelton."

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