Monday, July 30, 2007

Training Camp Recap 7/30

Here's a recap of what went on during today's training camp sessions:

Observations from the Sun-Sentinel (1), (2):
"- The defensive line got through a number of times, batting down two passes from quarterbacks Cleo Lemon and Trent Green.

- Punter Brandon Fields was booming them.

- Jay Feely looks pretty good.

- Quarterback John Beck continues to find wide receiver Kerry Reed whenever possible. They connected on a beautiful strike down the sidelines, continuing a now weeklong tradition.

- Lots of interceptions...Coach Cam Cameron said after practice that ball-control was a concern.

- There was very little space for the running game, and the offensive line seemed to struggle all day. Most of the runs up the gut ended very quickly.

- Ronnie Brown complained of cramps and missed a few runs. After practice he said he was fine, and it was just heat getting to him.

- [Jesse] Chatman was getting a lot of runs and was showing some good cutbacks."
Observations from the Miami Herald:
"- FB Kyle Eckel was back at practice after missing the first day with a hamstring injury. Though CB Andre' Goodman no longer wears a sling, he said the best-case scenario for his return from shoulder surgery is getting in a few practices before the end of training camp."
Observations from the Palm Beach Post (1), (2):
"- S Cameron Worrell and CB Michael Lehan are the extra DBs in the dime package. S Yeremiah Bell switches to his usual — and highly effective — monster back position.

- RB Ronnie Brown is once again running tenatively.

- CB Michael Lehan had great coverage. So far in camp, Lehan has been a huge surprise.

- Green has been underwhelming so far in camp. I do chalk most of that up to getting used to his players and the offense.

- Beck’s biggest problem continues to be when his first option is shut down, he panics and can’t find an open guy. Talk about happy feet.

- Beck’s feet don’t look nearly as happy this afternoon.

- RT Shelton and RG Hadnot continue to line up with the second team.

- Schlesinger lining up wide on a few passing drills. Interesting …"

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