Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rookie Training Camp Update 7/25

Here's a rundown of what went on at today's rookie training camp practice:

Observations from the Sun-Sentinel(1),(2):
"* A number of times [Lorenzo] Booker dropped punts, including one poorly timed fair-catch attempt.

* It seems like Ryan Flinn hasn't taken a snap.

* The running backs were praised by Cameron for a lack of fumbles.

* Quarterback John Beck did not put on the impressive display he did Tuesday.

* Drew Mormino...was playing right guard in practice today.

* Rookie receiver Kerry Reed continues to sparkle in light of the absence of Ginn.

* Fullback Kyle Eckel, who worked out on Tuesday, mostly rode the stationary bike today. Injured tackle Joe Toledo, who is on PUP with a reaggravation of his foot injury, was sick of the bicycle and got on the field to take part in simulated line drills."

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IPSE DIXIT said...

Since this is, with the exception of QBs, a rookie camp, it is no surprise that Mormino is in a different position. This gives Tala a chance to participate at his 'normal' position. It might also explain why Flinn is not taking snaps - if he played for the Packers, he's not a rookie.