Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mormino signs

Rookies are scheduled to report to training camp today, and when they do, the Dolphins will have one more under contract. On Saturday, G Drew Mormino agreed to a four-year contract with Miami.

Miami has now signed 8 of their 10 draft picks, leaving only the top two picks (Ted Ginn, John Beck) still unsigned.

Here is the training camp positional preview that I wrote about Mormino:

Drew Mormino
A four-year starter in college, Mormino can play both G and C. He's very tough and he plays with good leverage, but he's smaller than most (300 lbs.) and lacks great power. While he is good at the point of attack, he has problems getting to the second level effectively. Mormino has a great shot to start at left guard, but I think that transition will happen during the season. It would be wise to start out with the experienced Liwienski, allowing Mormino to get his feet under him instead of prematurely shoving him into a starting role. He'll make a good backup since he can play center in a pinch.

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Anonymous said...

Where's the rest of the previews! Don't tell me ya are taking a day off!?!

Any rookie starting on the O-line scares me. Hope Green can make it through the season...