Friday, August 29, 2008

McCown traded to Carolina

An injury to Carolina backup QB Matt Moore on Thursday opened the door for Miami to deal one of its four QBs.

According to Alex Marvez at, Miami has traded Josh McCown to the Panthers. Terms of the deal were not available, so it remains unclear at this point what Miami got in return.

Carolina will pay McCown's $1.95 million base salary for this season.

I really like this move as it allows the team to keep John Beck on the team for the time being, and it nets the team some value in return for a player who they had no use for. McCown was a good guy, but as a football player I wasn't a fan. I think it's much smarter to keep the relative unknown prospect of Beck on the roster at least a while longer.

This trade also means that the team will not have to waste a roster spot on a fourth QB and can instead keep an extra linebacker or defensive lineman.

Stay tuned to find out what Miami got in return in this trade.
[Update]: Miami received a 2009 seventh-round draft pick in return for McCown. Hey, it's better than nothing. Keep stockpiling those picks you guys! [End Update]

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