Saturday, August 2, 2008

8/02/08 Training Camp Reports

Sun-Sentinel Report:
  • Chad Henne had a decent outing and seems to be gaining some momentum. John Beck continued to struggle throwing the ball downfield.
  • Overall, the defense dominated the offense during the scrimmage.
  • Reagan Mauia continues to drop passes while Boomer Grigsby is catching everything.
  • Ernest Wilford has been "virtually invisible." John Dunlap had an excused absence from practice.
  • Junior Glymph made a lot of tackles and broke up several passes.
  • Jay Feely missed a couple of field goals. Dan Carpenter made his attempts.
Miami Herald Report:
  • Josh McCown was inconsistent.
  • Jake Long didn't give up any sacks and he didn't make any obvious mistakes.
Palm Beach Post Report:
  • The team waived G Rueben Riley and TE Aaron Halterman.
  • Jay Feely's kickoffs go farther than Dan Carpenter's.

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