Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Green Deal Gets Done...Finally

The deal that has seemingly been existing in permanent limbo since the offseason began has finally been consummated. Trent Green is now a Miami Dolphin.

The price? A conditional 2008 fifth-round draft pick that could become a fourth-round pick if Green plays a certain amount of time. The trade will be completed once Green passes a physical exam for the Dolphins.

I've made my opinions on this situation clear in the past. I am a fan of Trent Green, and I am even more of a fan now that he will be wearing Miami's colors this season. However, I think Miami really made a mistake in paying the price they did for Green. See my previous commentary article explaining why I don't think Green was worth a draft pick, especially not a fourth or even a fifth-round pick. That article says everything I have to say about the price Miami paid. I think Chiefs GM Carl Peterson ended up getting the better end of the deal even though it seemed like Miami had most of the leverage throughout the stalemate.

But that's all water under the bridge at this point, I suppose.

It's now time to look forward towards the teams next minicamp which begins on Friday. And wouldn't you know, Daunte Culpepper just received clearance from his surgeon and from team doctors that he could begin practicing on Wednesday and will be able to fully participate in the minicamp this weekend. Unfortunately, we all know that he won't be getting a true opportunity to prove himself to this coaching staff. More realistically, he will be performing for other teams who may be interested in his services. Hopefully, Miami is able to salvage some value from this situation by trading Daunte for a draft pick. There has been some speculation that Miami has been looking for trade partners already. Possible trade partners could be the Rams or the Jaguars. Unfortunately, Miami probably doesn't want to hold on to Culpepper for too long, now that Green is in town, and they may release him if a trade can't be worked out quickly.

Don't get me wrong. I think Green will be a great fit for Miami's offense. I just think the team is being done a disservice by not allowing Culpepper to compete for the starting job. He may yet return to his old-form. Not one of us knows if he will, but there is that possibility. It's as if the team is holding a lottery ticket, but they are choosing to throw it out before the numbers are even called. The chances may not be great, but there is a chance. I would feel a lot better about the situation if the front office can recoup a draft pick by striking a deal with a team looking for a potential starter or solid backup with plenty of starting experience.

But mostly, I feel sympathy for Daunte. He's given every ounce of his determination and effort in an attempt to rebuild himself for the Miami Dolphins. It seems disingenuous to cut ties with him right when he's on the cusp of making a full return.

To sum everything up, I would like to restate the words that I wrote at the very first signs of Miami's interest in Green:
"I don't think it would be a bad move if the Phins were to get Green, but it wouldn't be the best move, either." That sentiment is only intensified by the price that Miami ended up paying.

Trent, welcome to Miami. You have a true supporter in myself, and I hope that your play this year will end up making that draft pick the Dolphins gave up for you seem like a bargain.

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