Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Evans was already on probation; News Roundup

DT Fred Evans' recent legal troubles in Miami could be complicated by the fact that he is currently on probation in Texas for possession of marijuana.

Evans was arrested in Texas in February 2007, and he was later sentenced to one year of supervised probation. It's still unclear how his probation will tie in with his recent charges, but it's certainly not going to help the situation. In my opinion, this latest development only furthers the chance that Evans will be cut loose from the Dolphins.


* Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga is currently in negotiations with the University of Miami for the Hurricanes football team to play at Dolphins Stadium. He's still unsure whether a deal will get done, and the probability is "50/50" that it happens. I see no reason why the Hurricanes shouldn't come to Dolphins Stadium. Their use of the field shouldn't affect the playing surface for Dolphins games and Huizenga would be able to make some extra money from concessions and the like.

The Florida Marlins, on the other hand, need to get out. Their lease at the stadium runs through the 2010 season. Once that lease ends, Huizenga should have no qualms about kicking them to the curb. The infield dirt is a plague to the Dolphins home games. It's unnatural and it makes sharp cuts very dangerous. It also shreds up the guys' skin when they get brought down on it. That's why you see Zach Thomas' arms running red with blood at every home game with the infield dirt in place. The Dolphins should not have to deal with that added injury risk and harsh surface during the first half of the season.

Huizenga was asked what would happen if that Marlins did not have a new ballpark by the time their lease runs out. He seemed to give a clue as to what his intentions were when he said,
"Very interesting question. I don't know. That's why we gave them plenty of notice [about their lease expiring]."

* GM Randy Mueller's contract with the Dolphins was extended through at least the 2010 season. While he will get a raise, the salary details were not released. This a good front office move since Mueller formed a tight relationship with Cam Cameron from the very beginning, and they seemed to be able to form a cohesive and effective plan during this year's draft. Mueller has had good success with drafting in the past, and when given full GM controls this offseason following the departure of Nick Saban, he made prudent decisions about bringing in talent without overpaying for it. This move should bring some measure of stability to the Dolphins front office which will help the team implement a successful strategy for the foreseeable future.

* DE Jason Taylor has been nominated for an ESPY award as the Best NFL Player of 2006. His competition is Peyton Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, Drew Brees, and Brian Urlacher. Go to to vote.

* QB John Beck and WR Ted Ginn said they will sign contracts before the start of training camp, thus avoiding any harmful holdouts.


The Dolphins signed free agent S Chris Harrell (6'1", 212 lbs.). Harrell, 24, was an undrafted college free agent last season who was signed by the Cardinals but released before the start of the regular season. This spring, he played in NFL Europa for Berlin, tallying 48 tackles and 2 INTs.

Here is what has to say about Harrell:

Strengths: burst out of breaks, tackling ability
Weaknesses: coverage awareness
"Possessing good size, football intelligence and a physical nature, Harrell is a solid strong safety. Late-round prospect with potential at the next level, assuming he passes medical exams prior to the draft."
It'll be a long-shot for Harrell to make the team, but he's only entering his second season so if he shows promise he could wind up on the practice squad.

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