Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Problem child Quinn signed

It had been reported by multiple outlets prior to today, but the team's official website is finally announcing that the Dolphins signed guard J.D. Quinn as an undrafted free agent. Quinn attended the team's first rookie minicamps on a tryout basis.

Quinn (6'4, 300 lbs.) has a lengthy history of illegal behavior, and it's hard to get excited about the prospect of bringing this kid aboard.

Quinn's run of infamy began when he was dismissed from the University of Oklahoma in 2006 for accepting money from a local car dealership without having done any work for them. He then signed with the University of Montana but could not play in 2006 because he lost a year of eligibility in the scandal.

2008 saw him suspended from his team again - this time as a result of his third DUI arrest in four year.

That's right. Read that again. This moron has been arrested three times in four years (November 2005, July 2007, and May 2008) for driving under the influence and putting innocent people at risk.

The first of those arrests occurred when Quinn was only 19 years old - two years below the legal drinking age.

This kid might have the talent to become a solid player, but I'd rather not see him on my team. I believe in second chances, but when you repeatedly make the same poor decisions, it means you just don't get it.

This almost never happens, but in this case, I'm going to root for a player not to make the team.

Here's some more evidence of his douchebaggery:

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