Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Hijinks

As an NFL observer, when the Memorial Day weekend rolls around you brace yourself and wait for an arrest or two to be reported and just hope that the player does not play for your team.

Well, this year, Miami fans were not so lucky.

In an incredible display of stupidity, DE Randy Starks was arrested ea
rly Sunday morning. For what you may ask?

I'll just throw out some key phrases and you can guess what happened.

A black freightliner designed for four passengers.

13 passengers.

Starks driving said freightliner.

A woman sitting on Starks' lap.

The result of that motley situation? A police officer pinned between the freightliner and another car and Starks being arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

For the full story of what went down, go here.

It's safe to say that Starks displayed some rare idiocy today, even for the NFL's standards. And even though Parcells has said he won't tolerate "thugs or hoodlums", it's obvious that's not always the case, or a guy like J.D. Quinn wouldn't be on the team.

Bottom line, Starks acted laughably stupid, but he shouldn't get cut for it.

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