Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Injury issues begin

Few people realize how incredibly lucky the Dolphins were on the injury-front last season. And that's just what it was - luck.

No one should be expecting the same run of good health this year, and the team is already seeing some players in injury trouble, as G Donald Thomas tore a pectoral muscle lifting weights during OTAs and its possible that WR Greg Camarillo could begin the season on the PUP list, although that may end up having more to do with a glut of options at WR than Greg's actual recovery.

Still, Thomas' injury is concerning, since it knocks him out of the entire training camp period. After missing essentially the entire season last year due to a Lisfranc fracture, Thomas' development time is being washed away. He is expected to be ready to go by the start of the season, but it's unrealistic to think he'd just be thrown back into the starting lineup with zero practice.

Of course, Miami's depth at G is not exactly strong as they didn't address the position in the Draft, even though a promising player like Duke Robinson was available into the fifth round. The team still has Ikechuku Ndukwe, who filled in for Thomas last year, but he proved to be the weak link on the line and never really got much better as the season went on. Perhaps another year's training camp could correct some things.

Other options include Andy Alleman, who I am high on, as well as Shawn Murphy, who may still be limited to solely playing left guard, and Joe Berger.

UDFAs J.D. Quinn (he of the three DUIs) and Mark Lewis could also see time there.

All in all, it's not encouraging to see Thomas turning into such an injury-prone player this early in his career.

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