Friday, March 20, 2009

Talking Ron Brace

Here's a question I got from a reader:

With the moves the Dolphins have made in FA it looks like the most need positions are OLB, CB and NT. Should the Dolphins use either their first or second overall pick on Ron Brace?

You're absolutely right about those three areas being positions of critical need, and I'd throw WR in there as well.

As for Ron Brace, I'm a big fan of his and I'd love to see Miami take him in the Draft.

I think the first round, at 25, is reaching for him, so I think Miami would be wise to go in a different direction at that point, but he would be a great pick with either of the second round picks we have this year.

As a 3-4 nose tackle, I think Brace has the potential to be every bit as good as his teammate B.J. Raji.

Quality nose tackle prospects are hard to come by, and after Brace, the pickings are mighty slim in this draft. Jason Ferguson is on his last legs, and he already needs to be subbed out for a lot of plays. I'd like to see the team continue to develop Paul Soliai, but I think his ceiling is limited at this point. Brace has the potential to become a true force as a NT.


Daniel said...

I like Brace but I would go for positions that need a starter first. Positions like OLB, and CB. ILB does not get much attention but we need that too. I would place those 4 positions on my 1st Tier. My 2nd Tier would be NT, WR, and OT. We do need a swing tackle in case of injury to either Cary or Long, or to at least push either one of them. My Tier 3 positions would be TE, FB, DE, C/G, and S.

SPL said...

I agree that ILB needs attention quickly, but we are going to need a new starting NT sooner than you think.

Ferguson is already having his snaps highly managed so that he doesn't run out of steam. He's definitely on his last legs.

And it's much easier to find ILBs to fill in, whereas at NT you pretty much have a bona fide starter or you don't.

We need to get the next guy in here ASAP.