Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jake Grove signs 5-year deal...ugh

In my opinion, Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells made their first truly questionable personnel decision today by signing C Jake Grove to a whopping 5-year $29.5 million contract. He is now the presumed starting center, taking over for Samson Satele.

Grove's deal includes $14 million in guaranteed money.

I really don't agree with this move, and I'll get something up later this week explaining my reasoning.


Jake D said...

A real head-scratcher, huh?

I think they over-reached and over paid once they realized Jason Brown was signing with the Rams.

Everybody says Parcells wants huge, mean linemen, and yet Groves is like 6 feet, 300 pounds.

Either they are low on Satele (or want him moved to guard) or they are targeting other positions in the draft. That would be my guess.

SPL said...

Definitely a head-scratcher.

Check out the post above this one for a link to my column explaining why I hate this move. It goes into a lot more depth.