Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attention all shoppers, clearance on aisle 3

It's no surprise that John Beck is on the trading block. He's been there pretty much since the new regime arrived.

It is a bit surprising, however, to learn that the team is pretty much resigned to simply giving him away for whoever offers us the lint in their pockets.

According to John Clayton of ESPN, "any team 'need only make an offer' to get Beck."

I understand we have little to no use for him anymore, but is simply giving him away the best option? This feels like the Samson Satele trade all over again. Will Ireland and Parcells be content to simply move up a couple spots in the seventh round as compensation for Beck? There must be some bottom line here that we will hold out for.

If nothing else, Miami should seek to come out of a trade of Beck with an extra draft pick, not just switching picks to move up.

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