Friday, March 16, 2007

Now Presenting...The 2007 Miami Dolphins Coaching Staff

Head Coach Cam Cameron has officially announced the completion of his 2007 coaching staff. (You can click on the above picture to see a larger image of the coaching staff). The most noticeable aspect of the staff? There is no Offensive Coordinator - at least not in the normal sense. As Cameron had talked about during the Scouting Combine, he will handle the dual roles of Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. In a posting on Feb. 26, I had this to say about this possible situation, and I feel the same way now:
"There is no precedent to look back on and judge past successes or failures in this situation. I feel that the existing offensive coaching staff is large enough and experienced enough to collectively step up and fill the responsibilities of an OC (there are three former offensive coordinators on the offensive staff - Mike Mularkey, Terry Shea, and Terry Robiskie). Realistically, the OC would not have many duties that the existing staff could not handle, since Cameron will be calling the plays. With guys like Mike Mularkey and Hudson Houck, Cameron can be sure that he will be getting useful feedback and support from his staff. While a dual HC/OC may seem dangerous, it is hardly that. It will simply require more work from the coaching staff. Cameron deserves this chance, and perhaps it could be the innovation that Miami's offense sorely needs."
Confirming previous reports, Mike Mularkey was demoted to Tight Ends coach.


- The team continues to consider unrestricted free agent guards and cornerbacks. They have also turned their attention to restricted free agents, expressing an interest in WR Terrance Copper (Saints), WR Clarence Moore (Ravens), CB Benny Sapp (Chiefs), and OG Adam Goldberg (Rams).

- Michigan State QB Drew Stanton and Central Michigan OL Joe Staley met with Miami Dolphins officials at their Pro Days on Wednesday.

- According to his agent, DT Manny Wright will rejoin the Dolphins when the team begins its offseason workouts on Monday. A fifth-round pick in 2005's Supplemental Draft, Wright left the team last year and was suffering from clinical depression.

- The Denver Broncos have extended the reporting deadline for DT Dan Wilkinson, who Miami traded to them for a sixth-round pick. He was originally supposed to report to Denver by tomorrow at the latest. If he doesn't report to the Broncos on time, the trade will be voided.

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