Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deal for Green in the works?; other updates

Here's a rundown of the latest news:

- It seems as if a trade is in the works for Kansas City QB Trent Green. The major holdup in the deal is the contract that Miami is willing to pay Green. Green, who will be 37 years old entering next season, is currently scheduled to make $7.2, $7.7, and $9.2 million over the next three years. Miami wants to pay Green in the vicinity of the veteran's minimum contract. Sources say that compensation (Miami's second seventh-round draft pick acquired from New England) has been agreed upon between Miami and Kansas City.
"The Dolphins are talking with Green's representatives and, a source said, the two sides are "in the same ballpark" and the deal is "still likely" to get done."
Green's return to Kansas City has not been ruled out. It is also a possibility that Miami could wait for Green to be released rather than trading for him. Green seems willing to compete for the starting job in Miami.

- The Atlanta Falcons traded QB Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans and the two teams swapped first-round draft picks. This means that the Falcons are now picking directly in front of the Dolphins. With Houston now picking after Miami, there is one less team ahead of the Dolphins who may be in the market for a QB. This increases the chances of Brady Quinn perhaps falling to the Dolphins at #9.

- All this QB speculation revolves around the fact that sources say Daunte Culpepper's knee is not yet 100%.

- Free agent G Matt Lehr met with the team on Monday and Tuesday. Contract negotiations have not yet begun since GM Randy Mueller has been away from the team facilities scouting college players.

- Contract updates: FB Kyle Eckel signed a 1-year contract worth $360,000. CB Michael Lehan signed a 1-year contract worth $625,000. DT Kevin Vickerson signed a 1-year contract worth $360,000.

- Even though K Olindo Mare is on the trading block, he is being allowed to work in the team's offseason conditioning program.

- Free agent WR Az-Zahir Hakim is expected to visit Miami this week, possibly as early as today. Hakim played for Cam Cameron in San Diego last season.


Anonymous said...

Do you do anything other than repost news from other sources?

Give some opinions?

Do some comparisons or analysis?

Seems worthless to me so far!

SPL said...

Apparently you haven't read the postings where I have made commentaries. This site is for both news as well as analysis. When something worthy of analysis happens, I will provide commentary. This site also serves as a gathering of all the news items into a streamlined version. I'm sorry that you think it is worthless, but some people want their news in one easy-to-read post instead of scattered in the middle of different articles across the web. Hopefully, you'll give the site another try.