Monday, March 5, 2007

McMichael and Harrington released; Welker traded to New England

[Update: 6:54 P.M.] The official team website reports that the team has released TE Randy McMichael and QB Joey Harrington. By cutting these two players, the team avoided paying them $4 million in roster bonuses. Also, the team hosted K Jay Feeley on a free agent visit today. [End Update]

According to the Sun-Sentinel, two sources have said that Miami will release TE Randy McMichael today. The team would have had to pay McMichael a $3 million roster bonus if he was still on the team next week. The team had placed McMichael on the trading block expecting a third-round pick in return but apparently could not find any takers.

This move surprises me to some extent.
I trust that the front office looked into every opportunity, but I really thought that if Randy were to leave then the team would be able to get some value in return for him. It's unfortunate that Miami could not find any trade partner willing to give up a pick for him, even if that pick wasn't a third-rounder.

Even though Miami just signed TE David Martin, I have a hard time seeing him as a full-fledged starter. I would expect them to look at more options as the offseason progresses.


Ouch. This one really hurts for me. Wes Welker was officially traded to New England today for their second-round pick (60th overall) and seventh-round pick. From any other team this would represent great value for a player who was an undrafted free agent. But since Wes is shipping off to a division rival, the deal is soured a bit. Miami still got great value and I think it was the right thing to do, but I will be sorry to see Wes go.

Since this trade was conducted without New England signing Welker to a restricted free agent offer sheet, they will most likely avoid paying him as much as was previously speculated. Terms of the new deal have not been released, but it was believed that New England was ready to sign him to an offer sheet close to $6 million a year.

I want to wish Wes the best of luck (except when he plays the Dolphins!) in his future. He was the kind of player every coach would love to have, and the toughness and heart he showed while in the aqua-and-orange will not soon be forgotten. Thanks, Wes.

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