Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2 vs. Colts Recap

Here are some thoughts about last night's game:

  • Despite the outcome, it's undeniable that that was a great game to watch. Highly entertaining.
  • Gibril Wilson looks awful, and he's quickly turning into another major free agent bust. One thing I heard a lot after Miami signed Wilson, just a year after Oakland jettisoned him after signing him to a huge contract, was that Al Davis is just a clueless guy who doesn't know how to value players. And in most cases, that's true. But one area that Al Davis has proven to be quite knowledgeable is the secondary. And if he thought it was worth it to bail on the Gibril Wilson experiment after a single year, then that scares me about what Miami got itself into. Remember, the team handed him a five-year $27.5 million contract this offseason. As it stands now, I can't see him even keeping his starting job this whole season if he keeps playing like he has. The bottom line is that he can't cover - at all. He's like Roy Williams back there, except he's playing free safety instead of strong, which exacerbates the problem that much more. And let's drop the ridiculous logic that, "Well, he played free safety for the Giants team that won the Super Bowl, so he must be good." Yeah, because every player on every Super Bowl team has been a good player.
  • Miami's coverage issues go further than just Wilson sucking it up. The linebackers absolutely cannot cover tight ends either. The middle of Miami's defense is just screaming to be attacked right now. The only way to counter this would be to substitute a corner like Vontae Davis in for a linebacker and have him cover the tight end, but that will weaken the run defense.
  • Ted Ginn's stats look a bit better than he actually played. He makes almost all the routine plays, but he has shown no ability whatsoever to make a big play in the passing game when it really matters. On his first missed TD opportunity, he simply didn't realize where he was on the field and ended up letting the pass sail beyond his arms. On the second missed TD, he just had the ball clank right off his two hands. That was devastating. The corner was there with him, but it's not like he had his hands disrupting Ginn's catch. Ginn just flat out missed it.
  • Lex Hilliard is a beast on special teams coverage.
  • No one should expect that kind of rushing output to continue week in and week out. That was against a Colts defense that is terrible against the run, never mind that they were without Bob Sanders.
  • The clock management at the end of the game was horrendous. Even still, this loss is not at all Chad Pennington's fault. He played a solid game. The horrid defensive showing deserves all the blame.
  • Kudos to the South Florida fans for showing up and making a real home field advantage. I've never seen the stadium that full or loud before.

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