Friday, February 27, 2009

Tuna, keep Marvin Harrison the hell away from this team!!!

PFT has reported that there are strong rumors of WR Marvin Harrison possibly being signed by the Dolphins.

This is probably the first time in some while that I have been really disgusted by a speculated free agent signing.

Harrison has nothing to offer this team.

Age? A geriatric 36.
Health? Played only 20 games the past two years; has balky knees.
Size? Only 6'0", not the big guy we need.
Character? Oh yeah, that gun case in Philly is real enticing.

I used to respect Harrison. He always seemed like the quiet player who just did his job day in and day out. That is until this gun case came up, and it came out that his quiet personality is pretty much just a cover for severe antisocial actions.

And everyone needs to quit spewing this trash about bringing in a veteran WR to mentor the guys that are already here. No, you know who needs to mentor them? The WR coach and Chad Pennington. We don't need a surrogate coach who takes up a spot on the roster. We need a WR who can actually play. Harrison is no longer that guy.

I will be pretty furious if this rumor turns out to be true.

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