Friday, February 27, 2009

Reader Mailbag: CB in FA?

As free agency kicks into gear, let's look at a reader question:

Do you think the Dolphins will pick up a corner? I'm thinking Leigh Bodden.

I have to believe that Miami will sign at least one cornerback in free agency, although at this point, they may wait out the big money period and try to find a cheap third tier kind of player.

I'd love to see them sign Leigh Bodden to replace Andre' Goodman, but he's visiting the Patriots today and they are apparently very high on him. Not to mention that he will probably command at least $6 million annually. That may be a bit too high for Miami to commit after signing Gibril Wilson and re-signing Bell, Crowder, and Carey.

Bryant McFadden, Ronald Bartell, and Jabari Greer are other possibilities, but again, they want big money that I'm not sure they are worth.

It is always a possibility that Andre' Goodman could return to Miami if he finds the market isn't as high on him as he thought it would be, but I am not comfortable with Goodman being the starter for this team again. I think last year was much more a late career fluke than something to expect on a consistent basis from Goodman.

Young CB options include Ralph Brown, Chris Carr, Daven Holly, Karl Paymah, and Stanley Wilson.

Now, I'm not saying that any of those guys are great options. Heck, they might not even be good options. But if this team is just looking to fill up the depth chart, rather than sign a starter quality CB in free agency, then these guys might be where they look.

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