Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parcells' 30 day clause turns into a neverending one

Well, we as Dolphins fans no longer need to count down the days until Bill Parcells' 30-day opt-out clause runs out.

But it's not because those 30 days have expired.

Instead, Chris Mortensen has reported that before Wayne Huizenga sold the team to Stephen Ross he removed the 30-day opt-out clause and replaced it with an unrestricted option to walk away with full pay.

So essentially, the Bill Parcells-led rebuilding project is now on the clock every day from now until he departs. If Parcells were to leave for employment elsewhere, the team would not have any of his remaining salaray offset by any salary he would earn elsewhere. This ensures that Parcells will be paid every cent of his $12 million, four-year deal that he signed when he joined the franchise.

This development isn't that surprising, but by obtaining an unlimited ability to walk away from the team, it is becoming more and more likely that 2009 will be Parcells' last with the Dolphins.

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