Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Perfectville: Population Still 1


That had to be the greatest Super Bowl I've ever watched. And not only because of the sweet, sweet outcome. It was a great game the whole way through.

There has been a lot of debate in the wake of this game as to how the 2007 Patriots will be remembered.

There is really only one way that they could be remembered - as absolute and utter failures.

There is simply no other way to describe the outcome of this season for them. 18-0 means absolutely nothing in light of the fact that they were whipped around by the Giants.

The higher you go, the harder the fall is going to be, and you cannot climb higher before a fall than reaching 18-0 and then plunging to your death at 18-1.

This was the biggest upset in all of NFL history. And I am very tempted to call it the biggest upset in sports history outright.

A perfect mark in the NFL is the gold standard for performance in sports. No other NFL team has ever looked as dominant as the Patriots did this season.

And then the Super Bowl came, and the Pats folded up quicker than a wet napkin.

Their season was a complete failure. They will forever be known as complete failures.

And of course, in the wake of this outcome, Mercury Morris looks like the genius. After all, no one gave any credence to his repeated words of caution: You aren't undefeated until you win them all.

Well, the 1972 Dolphins remain as the only team to ever accomplish that monumental feat. Congratulations guys.



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