Monday, February 4, 2008

Henning hired as OC

After failing to land Pete Carmichael Jr. from the Saints, Miami has settled with hiring Dan Henning to be the new Offensive Coordinator.

Henning, 65, was out of football last year. His last job was in 2006 as the OC of the Carolina Panthers.

It is presumed that Henning will call the offensive plays, leaving head coach Tony Sparano to focus on the wider aspects of running the team.

Henning's offensive style is a mostly conservative approach, often utilizing two tight end sets and grinding it out with the running game. When he does pass, he likes to throw it deep. That philosophy lines up very well with Sparano's tendencies.

Here is Henning's coaching history:
  • 1968-70: Florida State, quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator
  • 1971: Virginia Tech, offensive coordinator
  • 1972: Houston Oilers, quarterbacks coach/receivers coach
  • 1973: Virginia Tech, offensive coordinator
  • 1974-75: Florida State, quarterbacks coach/receivers coach
  • 1976-78: New York Jets, quarterbacks coach/receivers coach
  • 1979-80: Miami Dolphins, quarterbacks coach/receivers coach
  • 1981-82: Washington Redskins, offensive coordinator
  • 1983-86: Atlanta Falcons, head coach
  • 1987-88: Washington Redskins, offensive coordinator
  • 1989-91: San Diego Chargers, head coach
  • 1992-93: Detroit Lions, offensive coordinator
  • 1994-96: Boston College, head coach
  • 1997: Buffalo Bills, offensive coordinator
  • 1998-00: New York Jets, quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator ('00)
  • 2002-06: Carolina Panthers, offensive coordinator

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