Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft Day 1: Live Thread

It's here ladies and gentlemen. The first day of the NFL Draft. For a struggling team like Miami, these next two days are our Super Bowl. Here's hoping the front office can turn their ten picks into a strong foundation for years to come.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day with my thoughts on the draft.

11:55 - I've got my Taquitos and a cold drink, and I've settled into the couch. I just saw the Virginia Tech tribute. I understand all the bad press that Michael Vick has been getting of late, but come on people, don't boo a guy who is representing VT in a tribute. Boo him as much as you want later, but not then.

12:00 - It's high noon, time to get this thing started. On a completely random note, whichever team gets Brady Quinn is going to see an increase in fan attendance - not only to see Brady, but also to catch a glimpse of his sister in the crowd, too.

12:10 - The Texans should feel embarrassed after that Reggie Bush Madden commercial. Which team will make the biggest blunder this year?

12:21 - Well, that was to be expected. Congrats, JaMarcus. That pick slightly hinders the chance that Quinn falls to Miami, but we shall see. It's all up to what Cleveland does.

12:26 - Matt Millen may be completely inept, but at least it looks like he's making the right call of taking Calvin Johnson. Just like in baseball, a hitter doesn't go up to the plate and let the fact that he struck out in his last at-bat affect his current at-bat. Two failed first-round WRs can't affect the selection of Johnson.

12:33 - The Browns are on the clock. This pick could determine a large part of Miami's future. Hopefully they pass on Quinn. Quinn was looking really happy in that last shot - could mean he's heard from the Browns, maybe not.

12:43 - YESSS!!! Browns take Thomas! Come on Quinn, fall to Miami, baby. (note: I just jumped around the room yelling in delight. Hopefully it will be worth it and Quinn is picked by Miami.)

12:55 - Bucs take Adams. Slide, slide, slippity slide.

1:04 - Well, Levi Brown is off the board. He might have been Miami's back-up plan if Quinn was off the board. Let's see if Miami trades up or stays put.

1:15 - looks like the Redskins are taking Landry. Now the only hurdle for Quinn to pass is the Vikings.

1:27 - Adrian Peterson to the Vikings. My goodness, Quinn might be a Dolphin! The pressure/excitement/tension is tangible now. This is what makes it exciting to be an NFL fan.

1:34 - Rachel Nichols is very right. We need to give a lot of credit to Randy Mueller right now. He avoiding giving up picks to move up in the draft and now it looks like a very good chance that Quinn is landing in Miami. It's so nice to have a great GM.

1:52 - WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? I am so pissed right now. I like Ginn, but he is not worth the No. 9 pick. How could the team pass on Quinn? I am at a loss for words. That was crushing. They were a second away from finally getting a young stud QB prospect. Knowing that we passed on Quinn is going to make it really hard to accept a later pick of one of the second-tier QBs. I really hope that Mueller knows something that we don't. Ginn better be really good at breaking really long kick returns, since that is probably going to be our best chance to score.

2:28 - I am still very bitter. I hope Marshawn Lynch is prepared to get stuffed by Miami's defense twice a year (hey, at least I can still be hyped up about our D).

4:17 - There goes Quinn at No. 22. Man that was a slide. Look for Miami to grab a QB in the second.

4:53 - Ted Ginn better watch out if he is on the ground when he plays the Pats. Merriweather might get the urge to go on a stomp-fest again.

6:08 - I just watched Cam Cameron's press conference where the fans boo him and start chanting "Bra-dy". Wow, what a way to start things off. It's okay, though. He assured every fan that not only did the Dolphins draft Ted Ginn, but we drafted the entire Ginn family. Well that's certainly reassuring. The scouts must think his father can throw a good deep ball for us at QB.

7:09 - John Beck is Miami's future QB. I really like this pick. It makes the Ginn selection go down a bit easier. Also, a few teams apparently had Beck rated higher than Quinn prior to the draft - I guess Miami was one of them. He has the potential to start sooner than expected given that he's already 26 years old after spending 2 years on a Mormon mission. He's going to need to be coached up quite a bit though. Fortunately, we have the coaches who can do that.

8:47 - Our next pick is the one that we got from New England so I'm hoping that whoever is chosen there turns out to be a home-run hit partly out of spite. Ryan Kalil is still on the board. He'd be a good pick at 60.

9:00 - damn, Kalil went right before us at 59. Let's see where we go now.

9:08 - C Samson Satele - good pick. Looks like Rex Hadnot might be moving to guard.

9:55 - the Phins wrap up Day 1 by going with RB Lorenzo Booker. Although this guy is smallish, he's very quick - that's what Mueller wanted right? I see him as a good third down type back. I really hope that this selection doesn't mean that the team is going to get rid of Ricky Williams. I think a RB corps of Ronnie, Ricky, and Booker would be very good. Barring any trade-ups back into round 3, the Phins certainly made an effort to restock the offense with all four picks on that side of the ball.


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