Thursday, April 26, 2007

Booker on the block; Culpepper speaks out

Citing an unnamed source, the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that WR Marty Booker is being shopped around. Booker has been a very consistent (probably the most consistent) receiver that the Dolphins have had over the past two seasons. He is a great possession receiver and has shown an ability to stretch the field on deep passes. However, he is by no means indispensable. If the price is right, the front office should not hesitate in sending him packing if it can get a good draft pick in return. Fair compensation, in my opinion, would be a fourth or fifth-round pick in this year's draft, maybe even a third-rounder if a team was desperate enough but that's stretching it.

The article speculates that Booker could possibly be used as part of a deal for QB Trent Green. This makes sense because the Chiefs have a strong need at WR. However, unless Kansas City was adding draft picks of their own to the trade, I don't think it's worth it to give up Booker to the Chiefs. As I've said before, Miami just needs to wait this out and force the Chiefs to release Green and avoid giving up draft picks or in this case, a contributing player.

There is also discussion that trading away Booker would clear that path for Miami to select WR Ted Ginn Jr. in the first round of the draft. I'm not against drafting Ginn, but I am against drafting GInn with the No. 9 selection - that's just too much of a reach. If Miami clearly doesn't have the opportunity to land QB Brady Quinn or RB Adrian Peterson, then trading down to a spot more suitable for the selection of Ginn would be an acceptable move. It's definitely not my favorite idea, but it would net the team an extra pick or two later in the draft.


In a self-released statement to the local media, QB Daunte Culpepper tried to clear up the confusion about his knee injuries and ongoing rehab. That letter can be seen here. For the most part, Culpepper is reiterating the series of events that have brought him to this situation while maintaining that the rehab is progressing steadily and he believes will again be able to play at a high level.

He did say that his doctor told him to begin easing into things on May 1. To me, "easing into" things means he'll be able to start taking snaps in minicamps or at least getting some real throwing in. He only has two months at most left in this rehab. The team cannot give up on him now - unless, of course, they receive a trade offer that can't be refused. But to me, releasing him right now should be out of the question. May 1 is only five days away. Yes, it's after the draft and Miami might not want to keep Daunte around if the team trades for Trent Green, but Culpepper is right on the cusp of being able to at least resume football activities instead of just riding a stationary bike. Getting rid of him before the new coaching staff has a chance to see him doing something other than watching from the sidelines would be a bad move. Patience is a virtue - hopefully the front office will continue its current trend of exercising it.

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