Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's no April Fool's - Big Daddy trade voided

Well, the news in Dolphins-land has been slow lately to say the least. But there is some good news - it's now April and that means less than a month left until the Raiders go on the clock with the first pick in the NFL Draft. Draft analysis should really start picking up soon, and I will be covering the players who could potentially land in Miami.

As far as news goes, Dan "BIg Daddy" Wilkinson's trade to the Denver Broncos has been voided as a result of him not showing up to take a physical. The Broncos now retain their sixth-round pick that would have been sent to Miami in the deal. Miami retains the rights of Wilkinson. Unfortunately, it's probable that Wilkinson will retire. He showed his laziness last offseason by not signing a deal with Miami until the end of training camps. This guy wants to be paid the big bucks, but only on his terms. I can only imagine the dread that he must have felt over the prospect of going through training camps in the thin air of Denver. That would have been one large man sucking a lot of wind.

Maybe he thinks he's good enough to simply skip offseason training; after all, he was the number one overall pick in the draft. Only that was in 1994. Now he's a 34-year old, 13-year veteran who only mustered 14 tackles and zero sacks in 10 games last season. It's a shame that Miami couldn't get the draft pick for Wilkinson. Even if he doesn't retire, I can't see him staying on with the Dolphins. They re-signed DT Keith Traylor who is far superior, and they have young depth on the defensive line that should get an opportunity to show their ability. If the team decides to cut him, don't be surprised to see Denver sign him without having to give up a draft pick.

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