Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Shea/Quinn Connection

The Palm Beach Post's Greg Bedard wrote an interesting article linking possible offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach Terry Shea with possible draft pick Brady Quinn. Shea, who was recently interviewed by Cam Cameron, is currently tutoring Brady Quinn in Phoenix to help him get ready for the NFL draft. The article states that
"Under former coach Nick Saban, the Dolphins spent time looking at Quinn last year before he opted to return to Notre Dame for his senior season. Though General Manager Randy Mueller now calls the shots in regard to personnel, the Dolphins remain intrigued."
The most likely scenario is that Quinn will be selected before the Dolphins make their pick at the number 9 spot. But as recent drafts have shown (Aaron Rodgers sliding to the 24th pick in 2005 or the Texans selecting Mario Williams over Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart and Vince Young in 2006) anything can happen. It is also possible that the Dolphins may consider drafting up, but I'm not a big advocate of doing so. For a team trying to reestablish itself, it is important to have as many quality draft picks as possible. But Miami must be prepared for the chance that Quinn is available when they make their decision. Interviewing Shea, who is familiar with Quinn, will surely provide some additional information and insight into the type of player he is.

Shea has a reputation for developing quarterbacks. In the college ranks, he helped develop Jeff Garcia and Mike McMahon, while in the NFL he has worked with Trent Green and Damon Huard.

The article then goes on to say that

"Shea and Cameron both like the same style of offense, one that emphasizes short and medium-range passes. The only major difference is the terminology each uses with the offense.

Shea and Cameron came away from their meeting confident that they could work together, according to two sources close to the situation."

Good chemistry will obviously be important, and any additional information about prominent draft possibilities like Quinn is a definite plus. I will reserve my judgments on Quinn until the draft gets closer and more extensive analysis is made available after his workouts, but I would imagine that if he is available at the number 9 spot then he would be the best value pick. I expect Daunte Culpepper to be the Dolphins' starter for at least several more years, but with a major injury like he had, it would be wise to invest in a true backup plan. And like San Diego showed, even if a high-end quarterback (Philip Rivers) is drafted to a team that is seemingly set at that position (Drew Brees), having several seasons to learn on the bench can be quite rewarding. Of course, all things concerning the draft will change immensely in the coming weeks and months, so keep an open mind.

If anyone is interested in a scouting report on Brady Quinn, check out this site.


In other news, the Miami Herald reports that it is "almost a certainty" that the Dolphins will subtly redesign the team's uniforms in order to make the numbers more distinguishable from afar.

And, if you have the chance, check out this article about Joey Harrington. It talks about how Joey coordinated efforts by businesses to help a family who had their moving van containing all their possessions stolen from them. Harrington personally visited the family and gave them among other things a computer and a $3,000 gift certificate from Nike.

I've said before on this site that Joey Harrington is an absolutely tremendous person. He proves time and again that his character is second to none. Forget whatever opinions you may have about his performance on the field and take a moment to appreciate how lucky Miami is to have a guy like Joey representing them.

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