Monday, February 12, 2007

Pro Bowl Props

In this slow time of year for football news, I'd just like to devote some space to the two Dolphins that can really never get enough praise from us fans - Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. As the team's two perennial Pro Bowlers, these guys have been the backbone of the team for over a decade now. In today's league, it's rare that top players finish out their careers with the team that drafted them, but it's clear that these brothers-in-law truly bleed aqua and orange. One would be hard-pressed to find two more deserving players in the NFL who should get a chance to play for a Super Bowl ring. Unfortunately, for the majority of their careers the Dolphins have been mired in mediocrity or worse. And yet even if the team was 1-14, I would be shocked if they didn't both play their hearts out for another win. These guys have never been a distraction, and they devote every ounce of their energy and focus to doing whatever they can to make the team succeed. As much as it is a pleasure to see them routinely representing the Dolphins in Honolulu, I know that they would each give up any personal honors for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. It must be acknowledged that both Thomas and Taylor are entering the twilight of their careers (despite still playing as if they were in their prime) and the team's window to step up and help them get their much-deserved Super Bowl shot is quickly closing. Here's hoping that these two amazing Dolphins will get that shot.


In case you missed the Pro Bowl on Saturday, this video is a must-see. It was arguably the best hit of the entire season. Props to Brian Moorman for springing back up and congratulating Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor jacks up Brian Moorman

And just for the sake of argument, let's compare that hit with the other top hit from the 2006 season:

Sheldon Brown jacks up Reggie Bush

Finally, to throw in some Miami love, here's one of the best Dolphins hits I've ever seen:

Tony Bua jacks up everyone


In other news, the official team site reports that the Dolphins have added Steve Hoffman as their assistant special teams coach. He spent last season with the Atlanta Falcons in that same position. Go here to see a full profile of Hoffman.

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