Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Phins Interested in Trent Green?

The Sun-Sentinel posted an article reporting that a source at the NFL Scouting Combine said the Dolphins would have interest in acquiring Trent Green from Kansas City if he was placed on the trading block.

Although Kansas City has not yet put Green up for trade, the possibility of them doing so increased with the recent re-signing of QB Damon Huard to a three-year, $7.5 million contract. Huard played well for the Chiefs last season, going 5-3 after taking over following Green's concussion. If the Chiefs decide to go with Huard as their QB, the team would likely put Green on the trading block. Other factors for parting ways with Green would be his age (he will be 37 going into next season) and his salary of $7.2 million.

As far as his fitting in with the Dolphins, Green played for Cam Cameron while with the Redskins from '95-'98, and with new Dolphins QB coach Terry Shea for four of the past five seasons in Kansas City. With Harrington to be released or traded by the end of this week, Miami will have an opening for a QB on the roster. If he was made available, should Miami pursue acquiring Green?

I suppose the answer comes down to what the Chiefs' asking price for him would be, and what role Green would expect to have with the team. I think that Daunte Culpepper should be given every chance to make a full recovery from his knee injury and show what he can bring to the team as its healthy starter. However, with such a devastating injury, no one can be sure that he will ever return to his former self, or if he will be ready to start this coming season. If Cleo Lemon isn't the answer as a starter, then having a guy like Green would be a huge help in giving the team at least a fighting chance. Miami should not think about giving up any draft picks for Green, unless they are very low.

A huge concern with bringing in Green would be his age. Obviously a 37 year old is not the long-term answer at QB. For the sake of argument, however, while Green is a 13-year veteran, he did not play in a single game in 5 of those seasons, and in one season he appeared in one game, attempting one pass. From 2002-2005, Green posted four consecutive seasons with a passer rating over 90, playing in all 64 games. That streak was broken up last season after not fitting in with Herm Edwards' new offense and going down with a severe concussion. So, while he may be old, it's clear that he is still able to play at a high level.

Would he accept playing a back-up role to Daunte if Culpepper is able to get healthy? That much is unknown. At the right price, he would certainly be great insurance to have on the team and he is clearly familiar with Miami's offensive coaching staff. All this being said, I don't think Green will be in Miami next year. The Dolphins should look to the draft for their third QB and begin grooming some solid youth at that position. Realistically, Miami does not have a great chance of going far next year, so having Green as the starter would be taking experience away from another younger QB. I don't think it would be a bad move if the Phins were to get Green, but it wouldn't be the best move, either.


In other news, LG Jeno James is still recovering from right-knee surgery, but his agent said he expects James to make a full recovery by the start of the season.

Heading into free agency, the impending release of RG Seth McKinney will save $4 million, and cutting Bennie Anderson will save $2.1 million.

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