Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brett Favre's season-ending plays

It's no secret that I detest Brett Favre. There's absolutely nothing likable about him. So I was obviously overjoyed to see him go down in the manner he did tonight against the Saints. Which got me thinking to how he ended his season the year before...and the year before that.

So without further ado, here's a fond look back on the last play of Brett Favre's last three seasons:

2007, choking away the NFC Championship game versus the Giants with a classic Favre-INT:

2008, getting absolutely destroyed by Yeremiah Bell as the Dolphins go into New York and take the AFC East crown:

2009, once again choking away the NFC Championship with a game-deciding INT late:

2 comments: said...

Brett Favre has accomplished so much in the NFL. He is the only player to win the AP Most Valuable Player award three times. He holds several NFL records, including most career touchdown passes and most career passing yards, among many others. He is definitely worthy of being in the Hall of Fame, and should retire for good this time.

Sam said...

He got those records simply by sticking around long enough. And in the process managed to alienate and disgrace the fan base that supported him for almost his entire career. He's made a mockery of his own career and the media just laps it up because Favre=ratings. The perception of Favre is so far from the truth, it's disgusting.