Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week 15 @ Titans Prediction

Let's get right into talking about the Titans with an email from a reader:

How do you rate the Titans' offense and defense? With Haynesworth with the Redskins will it be easier for the Dolphins offense to move the ball?

Miami and Tennessee are similar in that for both teams, their offenses are their strengths and their defenses are their weakness, although not to quite the same degree.

Tennesse's offense, while not elite, is an above average unit, due primarily to a runner in Chris Johnson who is simply phenomenal. Their passing attack is not nearly as dangerous, although it has been getting better with the insertion of Vince Young back into the lineup. But Young and WR Nate Washington will be playing with injuries, which might slow down the passing game even more. The Titans offense presents itself in such a way that Miami will likely have to take its chances and bring 8 or 9 guys into the box almost at all times in order to contain Johnson and spy Young.

The Titans defense, on the other hand, is bad. Their pass defense is downright awful, while their run defense is merely below average. And missing out on Albert Haynesworth has definitely played a role in this defense's downfall. But Miami's game plan shouldn't be to rely on the run. I think they should once again go into the game planning to use a pass-heavy offense with a complementary ground game. Tennessee is one of the worst teams in the league at defending opposing tight ends, as evidenced by their 31.8% DVOA (31st in the league) in that area. Miami should look to exploit that glaring weakness and get Anthony Fasano and Joey Haynos heavily involved in the offense this week.

Both Miami and Tennessee started off the season very poorly and have only recently begun to play their best football. The Titans have completely erased the stench of their 0-6 start and are a dangerous matchup for the Dolphins. The game may turn into a shootout, but I think Miami will somehow pull it out in the end.

I'm picking the Dolphins to win. My season record predicting the Dolphins is 9-4.

Last week's win over the Jaguars boosted Miami's playoff chances to 27%

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