Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 14 @Jaguars Prediction

One week Miami loses to a team that is far inferior; the next week they beat a team that was seemingly far superior than they.

It's all culminated in the Dolphins standing at 6-6, with a quarter of the season left to play, and the playoff picture in the AFC a cloudy mess. Both the AFC East division title and a wildcard spot are still very much in play for Miami.

Of course, the margin for error is almost nonexistent. There's a good chance Miami will need to win out in order to advance to the postseason.

And up first in that quest is the Jaguars.

The Jaguars are a strange case because they have a winning record (7-5) but the numbers don't indicate that they are a very good team. Most strikingly, the Jaguars have actually been outscored by 48 points over the course of the season, yet still have a winning record. Their offense is certainly capable, led by MJD, but they will likely be without up-and-coming WR Mike Sims-Walker who is doubtful with an injury.

Also doubtful for the Jaguars is DT John Henderson and CB Rashean Mathis. That will definitely hurt an already below average defense. Miami's offense should not have issues scoring points in this game. So it will likely come down to Miami's defense stepping up and containing MJD and David Garrard.

I'd also like to mention that just as I was about to eat some crow regarding Jake Grove, I must politely renege. One of my main gripes was his inescapable injury history, and it is taking its toll once again. This will be the third straight game that Grove will miss (actually more like three and a half if you count the time he missed in the Panthers game). This team is paying out the wazoo for a guy they had to know would miss significant time with injury troubles. And if they chose to overlook that, then shame on them.

Regardless, I'm picking the Dolphins to win. My season record predicting the Dolphins is 8-4.

Last week's win over the Patriots boosted Miami's playoff chances to 22.9%

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