Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 4 vs. Bills Prediction

Unfortunately, my prediction from last week came true, so I'm standing at 2-1 on the year for predicting Miami's games.

This week, Miami faces a much easier matchup than the Chargers, getting the Bills at home.

The Bills are facing a laundry list of injuries, most notably one of their starting tackles, Demetrius Bell, as well as their two starting safeties Donte Whitner and Bryan Scott.

That's good news since Miami may be without Joey Porter and they'll have Chad Henne making his first start.

The thing is, this team has done nothing to convince me that they will all of a sudden change course just because a new QB is under center. In fact, I'm always leery when it comes to QBs making their first starts. Henne is being given a prime opportunity to make a good first impression against a poor Buffalo defense, but will he deliver in his first try? More importantly, will the rest of the team be up to the challenge? The entire team hasn't played a good game together yet. Until they do, I'm not comfortable picking them to win, even though this game looks oh-so-winnable.

So, I'm picking the Bills to win.

After last week's loss, Miami's playoff chances now stand at 0.9%.

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