Friday, August 7, 2009

Training Camp Day 4-6 Recap

Trending Positively
  • WR Ted Ginn - Unlike Anthony Armstrong, who seems to have taken a big hit now that the pads are on, Ginn's speed seems to finally be translating on the field. He's getting good separation, even beating red hot Will Allen several times.
  • NT Paul Soliai - With the team resting Jason Ferguson for some practices, Soliai is getting an opportunity to work with the first team and is taking advantage of the chances, putting in several strong practices.

Trending Negatively
  • Pat White - I don't think White has had an above average practice since he's put on a Dolphins helmet. For someone who was so accurate in college, he can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn nowadays. There's some concern that he may be struggling with the size of the pro ball, which is certainly discouraging if true. He can get by this year running only special spread and Wildcat packages, but if Miami is going to get the full value that they invested in him, he's going to have to learn how to operate from under center as well.

Other Notes:
- FB Chris Brown was cut, and UDFA FB Matt Quillen was signed to take his place. T SirVincent Rodgers and S Ethan Kilmer also quit the team.
- G Donald Thomas is back to participating in some team drills, as he continues to recover from his pectoral injury.
- DE Tony McDaniel is now working with the starters while Phillip Merling works with the second team. Merling, however, was making plays with the second team.
- G Joe Berger, G Shawn Murphy, G Donald Thomas have been splitting some first team reps at RG.
- TE David Martin missed practice on Friday. It could be his sports hernia creeping up again.

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