Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pennington wins Comeback Player of the Year

The Associated Press has named Chad Pennington the Comeback Player of the Year.

It really is quite amazing to see how quickly Pennington took control of this team after being tossed out of New York barely a month before the season began. He was voted a captain from the outset, and his play never faltered. This all, of course, happened not even a year after being benched in New York in favor of Kellen Clemens.

This is Pennington's second Comeback Player of the Year award. He just has that drive to succeed that few players in the league possess.

Chad received 19 of 50 votes for the award, with Kerry Collins and Jake Delhomme each receiving 6.

Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown also garnered some votes with 3 and 1 votes respectively.

Way to go Chad!

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