Monday, December 29, 2008

The Delicious Irony Of It All

I'm still riding high on this team claiming the AFC East Championship, and I just wanted to take a look at some of the ironic angles to come out of the Jets game.

** First, and most obvious, is the story of Chad Pennington returning to defeat the team that kicked him to the curb once they got their hands on the media-darling that is Brett Favre. Well, Favre obviously forgot what a grueling 17-week NFL season really feels like once December rolls around.

Sure, sitting at home in Mississippi a month or two removed from playing what you thought would be your last down can really make you feel rejuvenated and like you made the wrong decision. And yeah, you probably did feel like you made the right decision for the first month or so once you came back. But Brett, you are too short-sighted to think of anything but the present, and that is why you completely failed your team when it mattered most this year. Face it, you can no longer compete for an entire NFL season, and I am glad that Miami could help show you the door. Maybe you'll figure this out on your own this offseason, but with you, it really wouldn't surprise me if you decided once again to come back and drag another team down with you.

** Next, how about Pennington playing such a big role in getting Mangini fired (the very guy who played such a big role in Pennington's ultimate release)? That's payback. By the way, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum shouldn't escape the blame of this season either. He orchesrated a Dan Snyder-esque spending spree this offseason that delivered them third place in the division and cap nightmares for seasons to come.

** I don't have anything against Jay Feely, even though he did have some less than pleasant parting shots for the Phins. Still, it was nice to see him go down and have Dan Carpenter nail that cluth 48-yarder.

** Oh, Ty Law. You blew off Miami's advances midway through the season because you wanted to play for a contender. Awesome decision. I'd rather have Andre' Goodman over you anyway, so thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet lushious wonderful irony. Has there ever been a Disney movie better scripted where I of course get to play Chad. Dammit when will they call. Great post. Came via Phinsider. Post some of your very good articles there sometimes buddy.