Monday, November 10, 2008

Thoughts on Seahawks Game

Could they have made that game any more tense in the fourth quarter?

Nevertheless, I think Ethan Skolnick, from the Sun-Sentinel, summed up this win perfectly:
When does your team matter again?

Not when it starts winning a few games.

Rather, when people start whining about the way it wins them.
So true.

And yes, that means that the Miami Dolphins truly matter again. I held off talking about Miami and the playoffs until now, because it doesn't feel right to me to talk about a .500 team going to the playoffs. But now this team has gone over the .500 mark and their late season schedule is setting up as well as one could hope for if this team is to make a push for the playoffs.

There's no reason to hold back any more. This team has a legitimate shot to play in the postseason this season. Even so, I'll wait until after this week's Oakland game before getting too gung-ho about it.

The Dolphins proved as much as to the viewers as to themselves that they can beat teams they are expected to beat. That will be put on display once again against the Raiders. If they can take care of business, they will head into a crucial game at home against the Patriots. The remaining three AFC East games will have the biggest effect on Miami's playoff chances so let's wait until we face those games before taking stock of our chances.

Just like the players should not think past the next game on the schedule, in this case, neither should we, the fans.

Here are some thoughts I have about the Seattle game:
  • The special teams coverage units continue to play as poorly as can be. This shouldn't completely surprise anyone since special teams are predicated on roster depth, something which Miami sorely lacks. Many of the special teams players brought in over the offseason were also cut before the season began, so this shouldn't be a complete shock. Even so, coach Bonamego better figure out a way to mask the deficencies of his schemes or the special teams phase will ultimately cost this team a win or two down the stretch.
  • Lousaka Polite = clutch. Seriously, this guy has four carries since joining the team - all for first downs, and in some pretty tight situations. Perhaps Polite could be a longer-term answer at fullback than any of us originally believed.
  • How did Ted Ginn make that catch at the back of the endzone with two defenders draped all over him? Simply amazing catch. (Pennington has to see the wide-open Camarillo on that play, though.)
  • Don't worry about Will Allen being targeted slightly more than usual this game. The guys at FootballOutsiders brought up a good point. Seneca Wallace routinely ignores a complete half of the field, regardless of who is matched up on whom.
  • The Wildcat found its second wind. I'll have a little more info on that later this week, when I compile its weekly statistical performance.

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