Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick Thoughts on Patriots Game

This loss was definitely a blow to Miami's playoff hopes, but they aren't out of it yet - not by a long shot. Hopefully, the veteran leadership on this team will get the younger players' heads back into this thing right away.

The Rams are up next on the schedule, and Miami cannot afford to overlook them. This loss cannot put a damper on the rest of the games this season.

Here are a few quick thoughts on the game:
  1. Patriots LT Matt Light is, pardon my language, a piece of shit. Absolute garbage. The way he went after a helmetless Channing Crowder by holding his head down by his dreadlocks and delivering multiple vicious downward punches to the back of Crowder's head was unbelievable. And replays showed that Crowder didn't do anything out of the ordinary to provoke that. Both guys shoved each other, and then suddenly Light thinks he's in an MMA fight. Light needs to be suspended in my opinion.
  2. The last nine minutes of this game were awful. This team just completely collapsed mentally, most notably Ted Ginn. He dropped two passes in a row, and made a stupid mistake on a kick return by trying to do far too much. He needs to take this game and learn from it, so that he never loses his focus in a tight game like that again.
  3. The special teams coverage was much better today, but why are they still experimenting with these short kickoffs? They don't work at all, and almost automatically guarantee competent offenses some points on the ensuing drive.
  4. I did not like the defensive game plan at all. I don't think the team made nearly as many adjustments as they needed to, and players were continually put in poor matchups in the secondary. Look, Jason Allen got beat several times by Randy Moss, and the secondary as a whole had some poor tackling, but it's ridiculous to simply go back to calling Jason Allen a bust. He was in alright position most of the time, he just couldn't make the play. It's baffling that the coaching staff repeatedly made the decision to leave him in single coverage against Moss.
  5. At this point in the season, I'm just assuming the offensive line is horrible at run-blocking from conventional formations because Dan Henning is seemingly petrified to run out of them.
  6. Yes, Samson Satele got handled by Vince Wilfork. Again, I put this partly on the coaches. Why was Satele left on Wilfork with no help whatsoever? And to those who think Satele is suddenly a different player than last year, he really isn't. It's clear he's not a strong run-blocker but he's very good in pass protection and on screen plays. That shouldn't be surprising anyone at this point.
  7. Joey Porter really crossed the line by not coming off the field when Sparano was screaming at him to get on the bench after committing two unsporstmanlike conduct penalties. To wave off Charlie Anderson and refuse to come off the field was a slap in Sparano's face. This team cannot afford to have Porter feuding with the head coach, and Porter had better do what is best for him and this team and apologize and accept any fine that should be coming his way.

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