Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reader Question: Possible Trade Scenario with Atlanta?

A reader recently sent me this question, looking for my thoughts on a possible trade scenario with the Atlanta Falcons. Before I answer it, I just want to thank Herb for the question, and if anyone else has any questions they'd like to see answered here, just shoot me an email (samlef [AT] hotmail [DOT] com).

Here is Herb's question:
"What is your take on the Dolphins locking up Jake Long in a contract and then trading him to Atlanta? Most mock drafts have Jake going to the Rams at number 2. Some sites say that the Falcons top need is an offensive tackle. Atlanta has a few second round picks and can afford to trade up."
My response:

It's certainly an interesting idea, Herb, but I just don't think it's likely. Sure, Atlanta needs an offensive tackle or two in a real bad way, but they need a quarterback even more, and they could use a defensive tackle as well. No matter who Miami ends up selecting first overall, a player that represents both need and value will be available to the Falcons when they pick. I'm not sure that Atlanta is so enamored with Jake Long that they'd be willing to trade up to take him, when they could just take a guy like Glenn Dorsey or Matt Ryan at number 3 and then use any of their second rounders to take one of the second-tier offensive linemen. The depth at OT is relatively deep this year. The same cannot be said for defensive tackle. Would it be better for Atlanta to take Dorsey and a second-tier OT, or trade up for Jake Long and nab a second or third-tier DT later on? I would say the most value would be had by taking Dorsey, since the second-tier DTs represent a much bigger drop-off in talent than the tackles do.

Still, if I were the Dolphins' G.M. and Atlanta offered me their first-round pick (3rd), one of their first two second-round picks and their third-round pick to move up to the first spot, I'd take that deal in a heart beat. Sadly, I don't think Miami is going to get any enticing offers for their first pick.

But we shall see for sure on Saturday...

Thanks again for the question, and feel free to send me an email if anyone has any more questions they'd like answered here.

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