Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Porter pleads no-contest

The case involving LB Joey Porter's conviction for misdemeanor battery is over - at least as far as the judicial system is concerned. Porter entered a no-contest plea for his fight with Bengals OT Levi Jones at a Las Vegas casino in March. The judge ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine, which he paid.

Although the case is closed in the court of law, Porter is still at risk of facing punishment under the NFL's personal conduct policy. The punishment, decided by Commissioner Roger Goodell, will most likely be either a fine or a suspension. While I don't think that this incident is worthy of a game suspension, Goodell has made it a point to crack down on bad player behavior. Porter's not out of the woods yet, and we will all have to wait and hope that he doesn't miss any games because of this.


Chris Grier, the Dolphins' national scout and assistant director of college scouting since 2003 is taking over the position of director of college scouting, formerly held by Ron Labadie. Labadie will take over Grier's former role.


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