Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dolphins embarass themselves trying to get rid of Porter

OK, so everyone was pretty much in agreement that Joey Porter had to go this offseason after the ridiculous team-bashing remarks that he made before the Super Bowl. Not to mention the fact that he is delusional about how good of a player he truly is. Newsflash Joey: You are pathetic against the run. Absolutely pathetic. And you're hurt almost half the season so you use that as your excuse for why you aren't getting double-digit sack numbers.

Maybe the real reason is because you're losing a step or two.

In fact, ProFootballFocus ranked Joey 22nd out of the 28 3-4 OLBs who played at least 25% of their team's snaps. He was statistically the worst OLB on the Dolphins, finishing behind luminaries like Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses.

Well, the Dolphins clearly had had enough, so they decided to release Porter.

Good idea...except that they don't have the cap space right now to absorb his cap acceleration, so the NFL had to step in and reverse the move, calling it an invalid termination. So now Porter is back on the team, until March 5 at least, which is the beginning of the new league year.

This is embarrassing. How the hell did this front office not realize the cap ramifications of cutting Porter right now? That seems like something basic - if you are going to conduct a transaction, you should know the consequences. Now it looks like the guys running the team are clueless or ignorant.

And maybe they are, since cutting Matt Roth midway through this past season has never looked like a more buffoonish decision. I was strongly against the move at the time, and now even more so.

Even in his limited time with Cleveland, Roth played 371 snaps and finished 7th on that list of 3-4 OLBs, one in front of Jason Taylor. Porter played 755 snaps, almost exactly twice as many as Roth, yet Porter only recorded a combined 16 QB hits and pressures. Roth had half as many plays. Oh, and as usual Roth was an absolute beast stopping the run.

Even Cameron Wake wiped the floor with Porter (and every other pass rusher on the Dolphins). Wake played a mere 167 snaps, but tallied an incredible 26 QB hits and pressures. 26! In one fourth the snaps! And it's not like Porter was getting the Jason Taylor treatment and being taken off the field in passing situations or asked to cover backs and tight ends. Just like Wake, he was pretty much just rushing the passer, play after play.

So good riddance Joey. You're not a complete player, you never were, and the one part of the game you are good at is slipping more and more all the time.

Now, if only we still had Roth. Oh well, hopefully Porter's eventual release means that Jason Taylor is more likely to stick around for another year.

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