Monday, April 27, 2009

Draft Quick Hits

Here's a few quick thoughts on the implications of this draft. I'll have more in-depth discussion later on.

  1. Like I said earlier, do not be surprised if Jason Taylor is once again a Dolphin since the team drafted exactly zero pass-rushers. That's just speculation of course, but you have to believe the chances of that happening shot up after this draft. Remember, the team talked with Jason before the draft and they told him, "We'll talk again after the Draft."
  2. Jason Allen, you sir have quite the fight ahead of you now. On a brighter side, getting Vontae Davis and Sean Smith pushes Eric Green further down the depth chart, and that's always a good thing.
  3. In regards to Pat White, why am I not hearing this point anywhere else? If he is only coming into the game on Wildcat plays, his substitution allows the defense an opportunity to make a matching substitution. We all saw what happened last year when that happens against the Ravens - it makes success a lot harder. If this team can't find a way to keep White on the field on regular plays too, the Wildcat loses most of its efficacy. I thought one way to do that would be to train White as a WR who could play whole series, allowing the offense to switch uninhibited from normal sets to Wildcat sets without the need for substitutions, but apparently he will not be working out as a WR.
  4. The front office must have regained some confidence in Paul Soliai since no effort was made to find a young nose tackle to groom.
  5. In my opinion, the Dolphins reached far too often in this draft.
  6. The problem with such a small draft board is that you run the risk of running out of players to draft by the end, and that is what happened with Miami's last pick in the seventh round. So they traded the pick to the Chiefs for "considerations in next year's draft." Those considerations had better turn out to be a sixth-round draft pick.

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