Monday, January 5, 2009

Good news/bad news: Who to believe?

Before Sunday's playoff game, I felt a little nervous after reading a report that said former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson was heading to Miami as Bill Parcell's replacement.

I felt this way for two reasons:
  1. It would mean that Parcells was leaving his latest project after a single year on the job. While I think the team could continue its rebuilding without him, I think it'll go smoother if he stays on for at least one more season.
  2. It would mean that presumptive new owner Stephen Ross was already dabbling in the football side of the operation - a place that he should have absolutely no say. Yes, he may be the new owner very shortly, but to be successful as an owner, you absolutely have to know when to delegate responsibility. If true that Ross is itching to get back with a longtime partner, regardless of his competency, a very bad precedent is being set as far as how much sway the owner will have.
And let's make no mistake here. Carl Peterson was an abject failure in Kansas City. Dolphins fans should want no part of him with their franchise.

That's why I was relieved (somewhat) to hear after the game, that Wayne Huizenga declared that Parcells would be staying in Miami. I say somewhat because you can never truly trust what these people say to the media.

I figured if Parcells wasn't going anywhere, then that probably closed to door to Peterson's arrival.

Well, that could be wrong if Armando Salguero is right (hey, it's possible I guess). He's reporting that Peterson was not only at Sunday's playoff game, but he was on the field with Ross...wearing a Dolphins lapel pin...and speaking about the Dolphins using terms like "we" and"we're."


So does this mean that Parcells staying is no sure thing? Or that Peterson may be brought in to some other front office role? Either way, it's bad news for the Dolphins, in my opinion. Peterson is a complete failure in the NFL and I don't want him to have any say over any aspect of this team.

Stay tuned.

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