Monday, October 13, 2008

Trade Deadline: Could Romo's injury affect Phins?

This is just speculation, but with the trade deadline approaching in 24 hours, could Tony Romo's broken pinkie finger lead to a trade with Miami?

It's certainly possible, although probably not likely.

According to ESPN, Romo will miss at least 4 weeks with the injury, and could miss 5 weeks. The next QB on the Cowboys' depth chart is Brad Johnson, followed by Brooks Bollinger.

There was word before the season even began that Dallas was interested in John Beck, and it was little secret that Miami was shopping Beck around after he clearly fell out favor during the preseason.

Might Dallas still be interested in Beck? He's certainly a better long-term prospect than Bollinger, and Romo's extended absence may lead the team to believe they need to bring in some added depth at the QB position.

We already know how cozy the Dallas and Miami front offices are with one another, which could grease the skids for a potential trade. But what would Beck be worth to the Cowboys? A fourth or fifth round draft pick?

If Dallas called offering a fourth-round pick or conditional fifth-round pick in 2009 for Beck and I'm Jeff Ireland, I'm making that deal. I like Beck as a prospect, but he clearly doesn't have much of a future on this team.

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